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Mrs. Frances Cruger, wife of the late William "Red" Cruger, one of the original Clasen Point brothers, currently lives in Boonsboro, Maryland.
Jim Cruger left home at an early age and found a job working in a pool hall in Coney Island, Brooklyn.  It was while working at the pool hall that Jim became a first-rate pool player.
Marion Cruger, the elder Cruger sister, left New York for Florida and married a gentlemen named Dean.  Little is known of the elder Cruger sister.
Jim Cruger was an outstanding baseball player. He played for the U.S. Navy team, traveling around the world, playing the top amateur and professional teams. He met Babe Ruth who told him, “I’ll see you in the big leagues, kid.” 
Ellsworth “Sonny” Cruger played amateur baseball for his company team in New York City. He was also a show business entertainer, traveling the length of California, entertaining troops in the 1940’s, 1950’s and 1960’s. “Sonny” often entertained children with his talents of ventriloquism, singing, piano playing and comedy. 
The Dinnen family (Kathryn Cruger, husband James Dinnen and daughter Carol) left New York in the 1940’s and moved to California, living with Ellsworth “Sonny” and Helen Cruger for a few months in 1946. 
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Interesting Tidbits about the family
Following the death of their mother, Kathryn Cruger, William “Red” Cruger, age 14, and his older brother, Arthur, found themselves without a place to live. Their older brother, Ernest “Judge” Cruger was the manager of an automotive garage. “Judge” immediately created a living space inside the garage for his two brothers who lived there for a few years, until they could afford better housing.
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Jim Cruger was the first Cruger to move west following his stint in the U.S. Navy. Ellsworth “Sonny” Cruger and his family followed, moving to California in 1945.
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Jerry Cruger, Jim’s eldest son, remembers seeing his uncle, “Sonny” Cruger and his family arrive at their home in North Hollywood with a blistered left forearm, a result of hanging his arm out of the window during the drive from the Bronx to California.
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In the 1959’s and 1960’s the Cruger family held annual family reunions at Griffith Park in Los Angeles. Family members from as far away as New York would attend the reunions. The brothers and sister Kathryn would soon form teams for the annual Cruger softball game, joined by their children, the Cruger cousins. With the passing of Jim Cruger and “Sonny” Cruger the Cruger reunions at Griffith Park were left to history. From time to time different Cruger family members have brought up the possibility of holding another Cruger reunion, but there has never been another reunion. 

On January 1, 1913 Edwin B. Cruger presented a 3 inch thick family bible to Ernest B. and Kathryn V. Cruger. William “Red” Cruger and his wife, Frances Cruger, became caretakers of the Cruger family bible until 2005, when Frances Cruger presented the bible to Ron Cruger, son of Ellsworth “Sonny” and Helen Cruger. 
There is a painting of a Matilda Caroline Cruger on page 307 of the September, 1948 edition of The National Geographic Magazine. It states, “Miss Cruger’s father was Henry Cruger, a member of Parliament. 
Bob Cruger, son of James and Emma “Chick” Cruger and Ron Cruger, son of Ellsworth “Sonny” and Helen Cruger both live in the San Diego area and see each other frequently. Ed Cruger, son of Edwin and Ann Cruger lived in the San Diego area and the three cousins got together monthly for lunch. Ed, a highly respected artist, recently moved to San Antonio, Texas. The three cousins remain in contact with each other.

"Sonny", Art & "Red" Cruger
Clason Point, N.Y.
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