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Calling All
Judi (Dinnen) Moran brings us up to date on her family happenings
My Mother Kathryn passed away at a LA Laker Game on November 18, 1964. After the game my Dad went to get the car while she waited in the lobby. She went to the restroom and died of a massive heart attack. My dad never remarried. He devoted his life to us kids (and later 4 grandsons). He lived next door to Carole in Loomis. He died July 17, 1986 after 2 strokes.

Carole married her husband Verlyn Eisert in September 1964, worked for LA Mayor Sam Yorty, had three sons. Steve & Kim have two children. He is an electrician in Santa Rosa. James & Marjorie have one son. He is a Hydro Geologist in Roseville CA. Tim & Renee have two sons and a step daughter, lives in Loomis CA. He is a Fireman in Sacramento... hopefully he will soon be a Captain. Carole lost her fight with colon cancer in June of 2001. She lived to to see all of her boys happily married to wonderful women and was immensely proud of them.

I married right after high school and had one son Rob (he lives in Chico with one son... he and his wife own and operate a web business “GREENFEET.COM”. I later divorced and we moved to Northern CA to be close to my family. I met Jack Moran and we moved to Oregon, back to California (we opened a picture frame shop), back to Oregon and now we live in Rathdrum Idaho where we recently retired.... all this in 38 years. The majority of my career was in Credit Union management. We are very close to our son, nephews and brother Gary...

Gary is a professional artist living in Sacramento with his wife Kim. He is a great guy and is the reason I hooked up with family and Facebook (I TOO PREFER EMAIL!!). He mainly sculptures and his pieces are best described as colorful, whimsical and clever. He also does art restoration for Sacramento and private collectors. He is active in Trinity Lutheran Church and still plays basketball weekly with young men in the church neighborhood. He is quite possibly the best person I know! He really loved your dad!

I read you story regarding how your dad introduced you to smoking and alcohol. Our dads must have compared notes.... mine was about the same!! We were also allowed to “control” the TV when he showed us how to smoke... very grown up and GREEN. Daddy always made sure we ate something sweet before we were showed how to drink. I NEVER smoked and now only rarely drink fine Irish Whisky.

Oh, I remember hearing about the “Blackfoot Indian Princess” that was in our family too! Before we went to Ireland a few years ago I did some family research.... My fathers dad was Irish and his mother was German and my mothers mother was Irish and father German as best I could find out. Hard to trace poor people that immigrated.

Take care and PLEASE keep in touch....

Judi and Jack Moran
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